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Out repair works, reconstructions, assembly
and installation of various industrial objects



A team with experience and vision.

Preymontub has an experienced team of professionals,who are constantly develope their skills and which have been working continuously in this sector for more than 25 years. We come from the nuclear sector, a sector where seriousness, compliance with security standards and quality of work are the core values. All those values, which were reflected in our experience, are being applied in the projects we develop to this day, and also identify us in the present.




Our values.

Our company tries to satisfy the needs of our clients and guides by a primary goal of delivering products and services of high quality in time in accordance with the contract terms.

Our responsibility is to realize all the works and projects on time, with strict adherence to our specifications and contract terms, standard norms, security monitoring procedures and quality of the service for our customers.

Preymontub has a strict adherence to quality in its daily work. The company is approved by accredited entities, making us sufficiently important for its high levels of demand for the different tasks we perform in accordance with all the established processes. At the same time, we guarantee the application of security measures operating on the field of Occupational Risk Prevention.

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