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Out repair works, reconstructions, assembly
and installation of various industrial objects



Your company of the industrial services.

Preimontub is a company specializing in installation and assembly in the industrial sector, mainly on providing with high-quality services when working with boilers and various metal structures.

Moreover, we realize the installation and assembly of industrial pipes for various sectors, whether chemical, food or pharmaceutical industries.

Everything is possible due to our team consisting exclusively of professionals: highly qualified specialists and welders, guided by many years of experience in this field.


Installation and assembly of the industrial pipes

Quality guarantee


In Preymontub we make any kind of work requiring prior assembly and installation of pipes, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality since, cause our potential customers are companies of the industrial sector.

In Preymontub we follow...

Servicio 1 Preymontub SL

Servicio 1 Preymontub SL

Industrial services

Prevention methods for effective maintenance


We realize maintenance works in various fields of industry such as pharmaceutical, food, winery and paper productions, developing projects with the leading companies. Our main goal is to predict, correct and prevent disruptions, thereby...

 Preymontub SL

 Preymontub SL

Quality boilermaking

Efficiency in Realization


Preymontub has one of its outstanding customers in the quality boilermaking sector. This process is carried out in accordance with the guidelines, established by the engineering department of the company that hires our services; we guarantee an...

 Preymontub SL

 Preymontub SL

Manufacturing and assembly of industrial structures



Preymontub has great experience in the manufacturing and assembly of industrial structures and pipes in any industry, in which we usually operate.

The interventions we carry out are conducted with great flexibility of resources, adapting...

Fabricación y montaje de estructuras industriales Preymontub SL

Fabricación y montaje de estructuras industriales Preymontub SL

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