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Out repair works, reconstructions, assembly
and installation of various industrial objects



Our projects inspire us.

The result, achieved with the projects carried out by the professionals of Preymontub, turns each work into an excellent cover letter to get new customers in a market, that requires a great specialization. Companies of nuclear, energy or food sectors rely on Preymontub, and we hope to continue to expand the list of our clients.


Prefabricación y montaje de tuberías y proyectos metálicos



La empresa Global-TALKE, experta en almacenamiento, manipulación, envasado y transporte de productos, así como de consultoría logística, ha actualizado sus instalaciones contando con Preymontub como una de las empresas...

 Preymontub SL


Replacement of cooling pipes of turbines of a nuclear power plant.

Nuclear power plant Asco.


Preymontub performs replacing the cooling pipes of the turbine of a nuclear power plant Ascó (Tarragona). Clarity, the highest quality of welded seams, the accuracy in realization down to the millimeter is a task that has been successfully...

Central Nuclear Ascó Preymontub SL


Prefabrication and assembly of the oil tanks



Cargill, located in the city of Reus, is one of the largest worldwide companies of the food industry that specializes in the processing and distribution of the grain and other agricultural products, cultivating and selling cattle feed, selling...

Cargill Preymontub SL


Assembly and installation of pipes for the compressor room



Located near the industrial petrochemical area of Tarragona in the municipality of Vila-seca, Schütx Ibérica is developing its activities in the sector of packaging, heating systems and underfloor heating, water tanks, pipes and...

 Preymontub SL


Assembly and installation of pipes, placement of collectors and valves



Bodegas Torres, of Vilafranca del Penedès, has more than 1,300 hectares of its own vineyards, many of which are located in more than 150 countries, becoming the second most recognized wine company in the world. They recently built a new...

Prefabricación y montaje de tuberías y colocación de colectores y válvulas Preymontub SL


Industrial structure for the nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant ASCÓ


Thanks to our experience in precision work that require maximum homologations, we can perform tasks in areas like Ascó Nuclear Power Plant. Our staff is fully prepared for such loads, where the precision is not just a requirement, but an...

Estructura industrial para central nuclear Preymontub SL


Silver polished storage tanks which are made of stainless steel

Vermouth MIRÓ


Vermouth Miró, founded in Reus in 1957, is a company specializing in the packed items and, particularly, in the production of traditional vermouth from the city of Reus, which has got the worldwide fame. Preymontub manufactured 10 storage...

Depósitos para almacenamiento de acero inoxidable pulido en plata Preymontub SL


A tube, against underground fire

PORT of tarragona


Port of Tarragona is a fishing, commercial, passenger and sport port and one of the most important seaports on the Mediterranean coast with a constantly increased trafficking and, also, the goods.

Tubería contra incendio soterrada Preymontub SL


Industrial welding, installation of pipes and valves



International Paper is one of the world's leading producers of fiber, pulp, pulp and paper packaging, with 52,000 employees and offices and strategic facilities in more than 24 countries. The paper mill Fuenlabrada International Paper has been...

Prefabricación y montaje de tuberías y colocación de colectores y válvulas Preymontub SL


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