Environmental policy.

Preymontub is a company committed to preservation of the environment, adapting all the rules and criteria to the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 14.001.

For this reason, we have a certificate confirming that we are a sustainable company, which is in a friendship with an environment.


Committed to the environment

The main and initial goal defining the pattern of environmental management is to inform about our work, so that the environmental impact is reduced almost to zero, marking its sustainability and proper discharge in every process.

This environmental policy is respected not only at our industrial sites and in the ambient sphere, but also in each department by conducting the efficient practices in any environment and in any working process.

To achieve our goal, we need to use the appropriate processes and tools. Preymontub closely monitors the management of environmental resources, preparing the team in a manner to comply with environmental standards. All these trainings are an obligatory and key element, also with the development and dissemination of the best practice guidance and regular meetings to update the information in order to strengthen preventive measures and conducting the possible corrective measures.

Our determination comes from the company management, passing through entire administrative and training structure, right up to workers at the sites, which in turn, are the main persons who provide care of the environment.

At worksites, whether is a workshop or an office, our commitment is reflected in the form of containers for separated garbage collection with a lighting plant and adapted to the current standards. Moreover, every day we try to work in such a way to reduce the level of noise pollution.

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